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Group's Momentum : BANK-NATIONAL
Today's Momentum
Up 4
Down 1   
Unchange 0
Average +0.33%
Historial Performances
5 Days1.80%
1 Month9.06%
3 Months33.29%
6 Months52.24%
52 Weeks21.22%
News And Links For The Group (Contribute a link)
[MS, BAC, GS]   Best Large-Cap Stocks To Buy Now  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Dec-19 08:01
[GS]   IPO Update: Sprout Social Readies Plan For $150 Million IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Dec-19 13:56
[GS, C]   Citigroup - Google Adds To An Already Strong Investment Case  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Dec-19 09:36
[MS]   Morgan Stanley: A New 4.875% Preferred Stock IPO From The Largest Investment Brokerage  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Nov-19 05:04
[GS, C]   What Happened To The 'G' In ESG? Wily WeWork, Perishing Pensions, Bad Buyouts, And Compromised Central Banks  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Nov-19 10:18
[BAC]   Bank Of America: What You Must Be Aware Of  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Nov-19 08:53
[GS]   Beware The Ides Of December,¬†Current Events Should Boost Markets Now; Sell Uber And Tesla  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Nov-19 10:15
[WFC]   New Look, New Name, And New Customers: Introducing Altabank  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Nov-19 08:10
[BAC]   The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - Jane's October Update: Taking Advantage Of Zero Cost Trading  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Nov-19 07:37
[BAC, C]   Investing Strategy: My Observations From A 20-Year Journey  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Nov-19 04:36
[WFC]   Retirement: Earn High Income With Less Risk  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Nov-19 09:30
[MS]   Human Capital Software Firm CDP Holdings Begins U.S. IPO Process  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Nov-19 12:34
[MS, C]   The Top Large-Cap Sectors, Industries, And Stocks To Buy Now  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Nov-19 08:00
[MS, WFC, BAC]   A $48,000 Commission On One Bond Trade  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Nov-19 07:34
[WFC]   Wells Fargo: Still Unloved, Still A Bargain  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Nov-19 19:14
[C]   Citigroup: Wait It Out  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Nov-19 16:13
[MS]   Uber's Many Problems And Why I Invested In The Company  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Nov-19 10:19
[C]   Week 47 Breakout Forecast: Short-Term Picks To Give You An Edge  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Nov-19 12:20
[BAC]   The Conundrum That Puts Buffett And Berkshire On The Clock: Buy Now Or Hope To Buy Better Later  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Nov-19 19:21
[GS]   Melt-Up Is Real, Exhibit: KKR Bids For Walgreens; Also, Roku Rockin', Still Time To Come A Knockin'  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Nov-19 16:29
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Daily Top/Bottom Performancers
symbol last  change  % change
C 74.11 0.61 +0.83%
GS 244.04 1.56 +0.64%
WFC 56.47 0.33 +0.59%
BAC 27.4852 0.0952 +0.34%
MS 49.64 0.36 -0.72%
Latest Group's Insider Trading
Ticker Tran Shares Price Reported
MS sell 26,000 $49.78 2-Dec-19 16:27
MS sell 25,000 $49.62 2-Dec-19 16:28
MS sell 51,105 $49.13 22-Nov-19 16:14
BAC sell 6,500 $31.33 25-Oct-19 16:10
BAC sell 40,000 $30.23 18-Oct-19 16:31
C sell 7,500 $62.03 29-Aug-19 16:01
GS sell 3,165 $212.15 19-Jul-19 14:00
WFC sell 28,304 $46.51 14-May-19 13:07
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Real-time SEC Filings For the Group
symbol Filing Type Filing Time
BAC424B26-Dec-19 17:12
BAC424B26-Dec-19 17:06
MS424B26-Dec-19 17:04
WFC424B26-Dec-19 16:47
BACFWP6-Dec-19 16:36
BAC424B26-Dec-19 16:35
BAC424B26-Dec-19 16:28
GS424B26-Dec-19 16:18
CFWP6-Dec-19 16:01
MSFWP6-Dec-19 15:43
GS424B26-Dec-19 15:35
MS424B26-Dec-19 15:27
MS424B26-Dec-19 15:25
BAC424B26-Dec-19 15:00
GS424B26-Dec-19 14:30
MS424B26-Dec-19 14:28
MS424B26-Dec-19 14:27
MS424B26-Dec-19 14:25
MS424B26-Dec-19 14:23
GS424B26-Dec-19 14:03
Earning Calendar Summary
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